Family Found

I love to see my boy smile and for the last couple of months, it’s never stretched wider. You see, he’s a lot like me. He doesn’t fit into the stereotypical, insensitive, athletic macho man box. His creativity helps define new boxes. He’s passionate and we finally found that one big thing that drives him forward.

What a joy to see him laugh and garner acceptance among a group of male peers who illuminate the same zeal. Each of them (still 100% boy) but not embarrassed by their rhythmic twirls, made up faces, or treble vocal outbursts. He found family among his Spotlight musical friends.

Now, I did mention my son’s smile BUT it was mine that was hardest to hide. I watched several fathers work tirelessly to make the production a success. I watched them hug their sons and tell them they were proud of their accomplishments. My heart skipped a beat and a tear rolled down my cheek when I saw a father present his son with a bouquet of flowers – who labeled these natural beauties FOR FEMALES ONLY in the first place?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that all men should join their local drama troupe BUT I do believe that every man is gifted in special and unique ways with purposed passions and sincerity and we must embrace that created uniqueness in each other.

I am so excited that my son, with all of his somewhat nerdy and dramatic quirkiness, has found that special something that makes him beam. I am most delighted that he found a family who lets him shine as himself and a group of friends that don’t hold him to a different standard. May we each learn to love and embrace each other’s differences. Thank you Spotlight. Thank you young men for letting my son know he’s not the only one and he’s okay. Thank you dads for still being proud of your boy!!



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6 thoughts on “Family Found

  1. You speak the truth! I’ve had so many of the same thoughts over the past months. It truly makes a parent smile to see their son doing what he loves…whether it’s on a stage or a field!

  2. My own sons enjoyed music, singing, and acting when they were in high school and college. They were very talented musically and I wish they still were involved in some kind of creative endeavors, but unfortunately they are not. How can we encourage our adult sons to continue to enjoy their creative efforts as they mature?

    • What a wonderful response and question! There comes a time in the life of our children when we cannot change these things for them; however, as you said, maybe it has to do with encouragement – reminding them of their great talents, maybe asking them if they have considered using them once again, letting them know that we believe in them and that they are no less a man if they pursue these things once again. If you live nearby, maybe take them to a show to even bring it all up!!

  3. AMEN!!!! My 19 year old son started with Spotlight at age 10. I felt SO blessed to have such Godly male role models for him to interact with – who were just like him – quirky, dramatic, artistic, and unafraid to be themselves 🙂 He has now graduated and moved on to college, but my hope is that he became that role model for other young boys – both in faith and in character. Two of my younger boys are now following in their big brother’s footsteps, and I couldn’t be prouder!!!