Won’t Go Back

no-u-turnWas talking with my beautiful wife last night about the journey God has brought me on. We talked about the places I could be in ministry if I hadn’t changed the way I see God’s kingdom and the Gospel.

I’m glad I see things differently and I won’t go back, I can’t go back . . . NOW that I’ve found who He truly is and what ministry – Christianity is really all about. So, I’m not at the place in my journey and ministry that I want to be at the moment BUT I know my heart is where it should be and I am following His way and not mine. I will not go back but continue to dream.

where I am
is not where I want to be
I won’t go back

if I had stayed
I might be in a more prominent place
but my heart would be far from You
and my dreams would be miniscule

my heart is at a good place
my purpose is clear
and though I’m not where I could be
I am where I should be

I’ve found a better story
I know the better way

where I am
is not where I want to be
I won’t go back


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