STAND Magazine & Masculinity

What A Beautiful Thing!

“Complicating matters even more is the irony that the modern man, in his attempt to ‘protect’ his ‘manliness,’ shies away from any lengthy talk about ‘the beautiful’ in a floppy attempt to protect his masculine toughness—while in reality demonstrating just how shaky that masculinity really is.” Jared M. Silvey

We often do not articulate the words beauty and masculinity in the same breath; however, “encountering and contemplating beauty should be an integral part of the formation of men.”

It’s important for us “explore what it means to be a man” and strive “to be a better man tomorrow” Dwayne Hayes the editor of the all new STAND Magazine explains. “STAND is for men who do not allow themselves to be defined by their failures but stand back up!”

So why do I call the magazine and masculinity BEAUTIFUL? The definition of beautiful is to be aesthetically pleasing, of a very high standard, and excellent. As human beings, creations of God, “imago dei” – we are beautiful beings and everyones’ story matters. We are not mistakes but excellent in His eyes and our design met a really high standard. God himself said he was pleased and that the creation of man was “very good!”

STAND Magazine is beautiful because it is aesthetically pleasing, of a very high standard, and an excellent masculine resource for well-balanced living. For me, what stands out most is that it’s attractive to all its male readers. There’s a great balance of raw “macho” responsibility, wisdom, strength and justice combined with artistic, emotionally raw, and heartfelt believability.

The first issue (through inspiring interviews, articles, photography, humor and poetry) speaks to fatherhood, the wisdom of older men, depression, poetry, sports, style, the plight of sex trafficking and character development. And STAND Magazine plans to be so much more than printed text, according to its editor, STAND  is also about the “community that will develop around it” because we all need to “associate with people” who are likely to improve us. Kudos to Dwayne and his staff for an excellent new resource created with all men in mind!



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