More Than Soup

I’ve got to admit, I will miss our church plant’s charity event this Saturday and it’s more than soup that I’ll be missing. Each year, we sought to make a small difference in our community by raising money for a local organization to help make someone’s life better in Joliet.

I’ll miss the homemade chili but most of all; I’ll miss the hearts warmed by a handful of people giving of their time to touch the lives of others.

I’ll miss the potato soup (especially the kind with bacon) but most of all; I’ll miss the kind-hearted kitchen staff who added those special ingredients of sacrifice and love.

I’ll miss the decorations but most of all; I’ll miss hanging out with friends because that’s what I most looked forward to seeing.

I’ll miss the entertainment (the balloon clown and Big Dog of course) but most of all; I’ll miss getting to know those outside our church who joined us for the cause.

I’ll miss the guests but most of all; I’ll miss spreading the love of Christ to those who just needed someone to listen.

SOUPerBowl Saturday . . . we listened . . . we loved . . . we learned. We learned that little things mean a lot when given from the heart. We learned that a small group of people CAN make a difference. I learned that the Gospel is so much more than a home in Heaven; it’s touching the lives of others here on earth.

Thank you to everyone who made our SOUPerBowl events a great success.

There’s no event this Saturday, but don’t forget that your story can still touch the life of another this weekend.


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