Men As Nurturers w/ Dr. Vibe

Dr. Vibe hosts a discussion with Steven Hinkle about the dispelling the myth that men aren’t nurturing. Steven will discusses how men nurture their relationships as mentors, fathers, and partners.

During our conversation, Steve talked about:

– What does nurturing mean to him and what does it mean from a male perspective
– some of the myths when it comes to men and nurturing
– why does he feel that younger men are better than older men when it comes to nuturing
– His thought on the state of nurturing with older men
– What are younger and older men telling him about nurturing
– The downside of men not nurturing
– When did he realize that nurturing was important to him as a man
– What women are telling him about men and nurturing
– What is the state of nurturing and men inside the church vs. outside the church
– His message about men and nurturing for: women, men and younger men

Dr Vibe Show AUDIO & VIDEO


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