Male Fail?

I cringed while reading John Eldredge’s book “Wild meat Heart.” I would agree that as a male there are dreams of being a hero, beating the bad guys, doing daring feats and rescuing the damsel in distress BUT . . . I felt the book fell short as to properly portraying those of us who don’t fit in to the cultural stereotypical ideal of manhood. I’ve since discovered that there are many others who feel the same way as me.

This is my poem “Male Fail?” that I wrote for a college class in 2013. The whole idea of this poem is just myself ranting as to why we can’t be different and yet uniquely male. BTW, the first few chapters of “Not A Male Fail” (the book) are almost complete!

Strapping, rugged, double he-man athlete.
Fearless, daring muscular brawn and strong –
the machismo kind that makes man complete.
Where did the rest of us men go so wrong?

Simple, loving, triple artistic man.
Quiet, creative, shoe lover and geek –
the non-macho kind with paint brush in hand.
What’s wrong with us guys with normal physique?

Momma’s boy? Really! You’ve nothing better?
I may not be a hunter but I still seek adventure.
Don’t judge masculinity by cardigan sweater!
We’re still fathers and lovers and our manhood’s secure.

We’re different than you and yet just the same.
Your silly stereotypes are truly quite lame!   sth


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