Just Blogging Away

superstock_1613r-15508When I was considering whether to start blogging again or not, Lisa said, “I’ve learned that I need to blog just for me. I love it when I get comments, and figure if someone comments, they were meant to read. If not, I just keep blogging away!”

Hope someone’s reading.  If not, I guess I have gotten something out of it.

For those who do read and are reading this . . . I’ll share a secret with you – when in junior high and high school, I had secret crushes on Kristy McNichol, Nancy McKeon, and Heather Locklear.  I also secretly wanted to be a break-dancer.  What a nerd!


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6 thoughts on “Just Blogging Away

  1. I love blogging, its really cool to look back at your life and where you were at certain times, and see your friends encouragement in the comments. I think it helps your memory alot too. You only get one life you might as well record it.

  2. in high school you had a crush on those girls?? You never told us-see-just something else we didn’t know about Steve Hinkle!!

    • You see (with how I was brought up) I thought God might strike me dead if I were real and I couldn’t tell anyone – I might be judged (so I thought). I also liked some girls at school but I was kinda nerdy and backward and had way low self esteem. That’s what was so cool about our class – you all made me feel special and liked!!!

    • Thanks Kevin! Great article. I love a lot of the Desiring God resources. Have you ever seen their youth DVD “Blazing Center”? John Piper kept their attention and challenged their faith!!