istoria’s “last” stand

1972497_10152220411522779_9181853867228926258_nThe term “last stand” is often used to describe a defense or a fight without retreat or surrender. On Saturday, Istoria Church BEGAN her last stand. Our congregation made the decision to live on past her closing by using all remaining funds to help renovate a safe place for the homeless and provide fresh vegetables and fruits for our third year for Joliet Cares.

Istoria Church began with the dream to leave a lasting impact on the community, to defend the broken, and fight against the injustice of the underserved. In a sense (and a play on words), our last stand ended on Saturday as we had the wonderful opportunity in seeing our church’s remaining funds used to help provide fresh produce to over 300 families in Joliet. However, as I stated earlier, this was actually only the BEGINNING of our last stand.

Although the sight of the produce stand warmed my heart, I was most overjoyed with seeing many individuals who were once a part of Istoria serving in various roles at Joliet Cares. The heart of Christ and Istoria will live on for years to come as every individual continues to make a difference in his or her part of the world. I am saddened that our church start has ended BUT I am elated that so many will continue to spread the love of Christ because “everyone’s story matters!” We will continue to stand, fight and defend. No surrender. No retreat!


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