Beyond the Fence: Create Again!


“Creativity elevates us. It’s standing on our tiptoes
and looking over the backyard fence.”
  Ken Wytsma

I’m a fan of Ken Wytsma’s writing and so I was super excited to read his newest contribution on creativity and it doesn’t fail to fascinate. He does a great job in sharing how creativity is for all of us. We were created to be co-creators and our creativity is a response to God’s image and call to each of us. I often tell others that we were created to create – our purpose is to help bring hope, joy, peace, love and restoration to a broken world. Ken said it well when saying it’s about “being fully human”!

We are introduced to two kinds of people: those who create or copy. It’s not that learning from others is a bad thing, but when we allow ourselves to always copy instead of considering new ideas or relationships, we are selling ourselves and others short – our creative individualities and purposes fail. Creation brings with it many beautiful things: possibility, exploration, imagination, and intervention to name just a few.

“After dealing with the real world so long, we get stuck inside the parameters we encounter. We lose our ability to accept that crazy ideas and big dreams are possible. We become standardized and learn that wrong answers are bad. We stop dreaming and don’t try for fear of failure. Surprise and wonder become things of the past.”

We are reminded in the book that creating often requires change and risk. Although it might be uncomfortable at first (and we will have our critics), the experience is freeing both for the artist and the receiver. This is what Christianity, redemption and restoration is all about!

12513829_10153802946797649_1949842254889753932_oOne of my favorite reminders is that we should not allow a fear of failure stop us. Things “can be left unfinished.” “Not all creativity has to be perfected to be beautiful.” If we don’t challenge ourselves to create and just copy everything else around us – how will we truly see new and better results? This is what drove me to begin writing my own book on masculinity stereotypes. God wants us to take our story and learn how to creatively use what we learn along the way to make this world a more beautiful place!

And what would a book on creating be without some great and creative illustrations? Once again, Create Vs. Copy doesn’t fail to deliver. There’s even great suggestions for further study and helping our “creative juices” flow. A well-written book that I highly recommend, especially for those who feel stuck or needing a reminder that their story can make a difference in the lives of others. It’s time to get on your tippy-toes, look over the fences that are holding you back, and create once again!!




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