Defiant Joy

“The true power of joy supersedes a chirpy disposition, candy-coated emotion, or saccharin fantasy.” A BOOK REVIEW Margaret Feinberg. God interrupted her “misguided joy experiment” with cancer and took her on an expedition of fighting back with joy. Her new book is not just a must read for those who are facing a cancer crisis […]

Don’t Miss the Miracles

“Our planet is speeding through space at an average velocity of 67,108 miles per hour. That’s not just faster than a speeding bullet. It’s 87 times faster than the speed of sound. If that isn’t miraculous, I don’t know what is. Yet when was the last time you thanked God for keeping our planet in […]

Waiting on Him

I love the little reminders along the way. If I were to be honest, I still have my days where I question God and His plan and why we are still waiting to see His hand in things. Don’t get me wrong. We know He’s got a plan but probably like many of you, it […]

Limited Space to Fly

“When it comes to communicating the truth; Westerners drift more toward propositions than to artistic expression.” The animal exhibits at the zoo do their best to emulate the scenery and sounds of wildlife. They do their best to take you to a place of discovery; however, the manufactured sets, loudspeaker rocks, panned bird songs, and […]