Don’t Hide From “The Talk”

BOOK REVIEW Our young people are living in confusing times when it comes to relationships and sexual identity. As Christians, homosexuality is possibly the most contentious cultural issue we are regularly confronted with. It is of utmost importance that parents are knowledgeable on the cultural changes going on around them and know how to wisely […]

Family Found

I love to see my boy smile and for the last couple of months, it’s never stretched wider. You see, he’s a lot like me. He doesn’t fit into the stereotypical, insensitive, athletic macho man box. His creativity helps define new boxes. He’s passionate and we finally found that one big thing that drives him […]

Men As Nurturers w/ Dr. Vibe

Dr. Vibe hosts a discussion with Steven Hinkle about the dispelling the myth that men aren’t nurturing. Steven will discusses how men nurture their relationships as mentors, fathers, and partners. During our conversation, Steve talked about: – What does nurturing mean to him and what does it mean from a male perspective – some of […]