5 Things Every Young Man Should Hear From Another Man

“You are a prince.” Quite often as a youth pastor, I would remind the young ladies in class that they were unique and beautiful just the way they were. I would tell them, “You are a child of the King. You are special. You are a princess!” As I was sharing this with my high […]

A Healthy Confusion: Male Friendships

Hats off to Christianity Today Magazine for their bold cover story “Why Can’t Men be Friends” written by Wesley Hill. The article encourages deep (rather than shallow) friendships among Christians of the same sex. “What we need isn’t disinterested, disembodied camaraderie, in which we keep distance from one another’s hearts and stories. We need stronger […]

Your books and comments
Your looks and your sentiments
They seem to portray a one-sided fellow

Your manly man escapades
A game of narrow-minded quips-n-charades
Just tough – no room for mellow

Our Leader: both carpenter and comforter
Different shades BUT you’re still my brother
Why are you afraid of me?
A gentler masculinity

Steven T. Hinkle