BOOK REVIEW: Moment Maker

momentMoment Maker: You Can Live Your Life or It Will Live You by Carlos Whittaker

I have to admit, when I first began reading Moment Maker, I thought, “Oh no. It’s an autobiography filled with uninteresting stories and wasted pages.” That’s bad, right? You see, I’m a highlighter-in-hand, let-me-find-the-cool-quotes, idea-seeking kind of book reader. However, Carlos Whittaker does an amazing job of captivating his readers with real and raw stories from his life that challenge us to make the most every moment. He makes sure that his readers come to grip with the fact that every moment is a gift and without them we miss out on our purpose for being here. These moments come from our failing, learning, connecting, loving, feeling, and being!

There are lessons about how to handle those moments that disrupt, the moments that call us to wait on God for something more beautiful, and the moments that can only be rescued through silence. Each reader is encouraged to embrace their weaknesses to find their strengths, persevere and push on, find hope from the moments that scar us, and to seek the great possibilities that can be outside of our comfort zones.

One of my favorite parts of the book arrives early on, when Carlos encourages us to create value with our moments. Nothing is quite as important as helping others experience moments of greatness, compassion, and being. He states, “When someone feels the true worth of who they are because you stopped what you were doing and made life about them, you have hit on essential component of Moment Making.”

Your story matters and you can make a difference in the life of others when you create these moments of values for those you come in contact with each and every day. I took a few moments this week to write a short hand-written note of encouragement to a few of my students. The three notes resulted in a smile, a tear, a “thank you”, and a couple of hugs. They felt valued and I knew I had (at least for a moment) impacted a life for good.

“Dear Lord, I’m here again. I’m unsure of our future and where you will have us minister next. As we wait, my prayer is that you will allow me to be aware of those moments where I can speak life and show value into someone else’s life here and now. Like never before, help me make the most of each moment in the life of my students, my family, and those you bring my way. Amen.”

Thomas Nelson provided me a free copy of this book in exchange for this review which I freely give.



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