Big CITY (My Spiritual Journey 3)

SkylineI have had a tough time writing this particular post.  I either want to say too little or too much and at times just wanted to stay silent all together.  I’ve decide to keep it simple.  This chapter of my spiritual journey will be shared poetically and I will leave the interpretation of my college years up to you.

desire . . .
to reach out, to touch
too make a difference.

a call . . .
to others, to sacrifice      and live.

thought there was no other
college . . .

well meaning people
wanting to follow Him
somehow missing Him along the way
Fear         One-Sided Justice

weekends at college . . .
sad and lonely, but then . . .

The Big CITY . . . hurt, pain, fears, poverty, no hope.
my selfish sadness disappears
my tears (now for Pedro, Pablo, Maria, Martha, Paco, Popeye . . . .)

I tried, but maybe . . .
made them run away, find another way
I gave them LOVE but Love+

College = Cult???
a part of my journey     meant to be
experiences from God     that
led me too . . .

My eyes (now opened)
His kingdom – my invitation  PRAISE His name!!


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