Men, Worship, and Church

No Excuses

“Worship… is not something a person experiences, it is something we do, regardless of how we feel about it.” – Eugene Peterson Almost every time I read an article or social media post on masculinity and the church, I am struck by the narrowness of the popular Christian prescription for “biblical manhood.” Many articles on […]

The Suffering Silent: Men & Mental Health

Anxiety, Depression, and Men

Jon frequented my blog pages and Instagram account and so in memoriam I thought, “what would he want me to share with my other readers?” The answer is simple but the solution not so much. We must do a better job helping our men (both young and old alike) who are suffering silently. Two of […]

Every Young Man Needs a Mentor

February 2017 Update: Bruce Wayne (a.k.a. Batman) ends up adopting Richard Grayson because he’s distracted. It was not intentional or premeditated. As I watched the hilarious Lego Batman movie with my family, its overarching “you can’t do it alone” moral (yes, there was one) shouted at me above the hilarities and brought to my mind […]

The thing about hip-hop to remember is that everybody was holding onto a false sense of masculinity, a false bravado, machismo, tough guy. Kanye [West] comes along with pink Polos and backpacks, Drake’s emotional, and Chance [the Rapper] is like, ‘Man, I don’t even play by those rules.’ Hip-Hop doesn’t play by those rules anymore. Just be yourself. There’s more room for people to be themselves and not feel like they’re a part of a box. People are open to exploring that.

LeCrae, Exclusive: Lecrae Talks Hip-Hop’s Changing Views on Religion & Masculinity (


Many people are obviously ready for 2016 to end. Their Facebook timelines, tweets, and Instagram posts highlight the year as awful, surreal, and saddening – the year when nothing made sense and the year we cannot wait to see come to an end. When seeking answers to why it was such a bad year, you’ll […]

One Definition of Masculinity?

Is Your Definition a Cultural Caricature?

We all have mythologies that we have constructed and adapted from infancy — we cannot exist without them. They are a vital part of our development, even though some can be deeply destructive. The problem arises when we fully identify with these mythologies, viewing them as a complete and accurate description of who we are […]