. . . and four years later.

The waiting game. We are here again.

A college letter came in the mail yesterday addressed to our daughter. She wants to attend this college really bad and she’s waiting on hopefully an acceptance letter and a scholarship. We stand around her as she opens the letter. It wasn’t what we thought it might be and in a word it basically said WAIT.

I have never been more ready to pastor. I’m excited and want it so bad. The present answer is WAIT. Grasping for a reminder of God’s presence, protection and purpose, I decided to look back through my blog for those Scriptures and reminders that He is in control and that it will be okay. What I found is exactly what I needed TODAY.

Four years ago (this week in fact), I wrote:
We like to know where we’re headed and how we’re gonna get there, don’t we? I know it drives my kids crazy AND maybe that’s the reason I do it . . . but, have your children ever asked you “why do we have to get dressed?  Where are we going?” and we answer, “Just wait and see.” It’s miserable waiting and not knowing what lies ahead.

Faith involves a loss of control and a loss of control equals a loss of certainty. Faith is the willingness and readiness to embrace our uncertainties.

Our greatest moments in life are unscripted.  We would prefer life to have a clearly defined plot . . . a mapped out beginning, middle, and end.  Why? Because, it’s hard to take those forward steps of faith and let God have control.

When taking the giant leap forward in moving to Joliet, God gave me a verse. A verse that I can’t fully comprehend, but a verse that has allowed me to keep taking more steps forward.

Proverbs 20:24 tells us “The Lord directs our steps, so why try to understand everything along the way?”

Do we really believe God is ordering every step of the way?

The Bible encourages us to move forward not in certainty but in confidence . . . a confidence that is not contingent upon circumstances and certainty but move on with a confidence that relies on the character of God.

driver POV on road through forest


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