Alone in J-Town

I told Suzette tonight that I’m missing the crying and screams of home. I really am. Those tears, voices, fighting, arguing, etc. All those unwanted noises and interruptions – I miss them. I miss them because I miss the ones that exude such unwelcome utterances.

I miss family. I miss her snoring, sweet kindnesses, and big heart – I miss his game addiction, his guitar strums, and dad and son talks – I miss her defiance, her artistic talents, and her precious smile – I miss her stubbornness, her self conversations, and her hugs – I miss his middle of the night diaper changes, cold feet, and precious laughter.

I miss my wife. I miss everything about her. I am nothing without her.

God knows. He will answer soon. We will once again fall into each others embrace.

So for now, I’m alone in J-Town but soon the Hinkles will be sharing their quirks, love, voices, and hearts to a city in need of love. Our family is loaded. Watch out, here we come.


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