A Boy & His Bear #tbt

Quotes by John DeVore:
“A recent study by British hotel chain Travelodge has found that 25 percent of men take teddy bears on the road with them when they travel for business. These men report that their stuffed animals remind them of home and the significant others they have to leave behind. This is a shocking survey to many who believe that grown men shouldn’t tote around stuffed animals, as it betrays certain masculine gender rules.”

“That I own a stuffed animal doesn’t reduce the lethality of my karate death chop.”

“But most guys I know who won’t admit to having a stuffed animal have a desk adorned with action figures, which are just dolls with muscles.”

DeVore, John. “Mind Of Man: Why Can’t Men Have Teddy Bears?” The Frisky. Spin Entertainment, 25 Aug. 2010. Web. 17 July 2014.


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